Friday, February 5, 2010

Glenn Gidaly's Letter to the Editor 02/04/10: Helping to Pay for the New Middle School

As a parent of two children who went through New Paltz Schools, I am aware that those who came before me paid for all of the facilities that my kids were fortunate enough to be able to use. Now, it is my turn to continue to support public education and to help pay for the new middle school, for all of the kids who will use it.

A point of reality that perhaps should be considered; historically, this is a very advantageous time to be seeking construction bids on public projects. My professional work in both the Albany and Hudson Valley regions involves numerous public projects that have been bid-out in the past six months; bridges, roads, sidewalks, municipal buildings, water/sewer facilities and green-related technologies. In just about every case, the construction bids have come in at or below the project engineer's estimate.

Clearly, contractors are seeking to secure projects in order to keep their people working. This speaks volumes in terms of moving the middle school project forward at this point in time. Let's take advantage of the fact that there is a large pool of reputable contractors with a skilled labor force standing ready to deliver quality work. We can meet our decades known obligation to revamp the middle school and do so in a cost effective manner.

Glenn Gidaly

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